Procedural stadium

Houdini Digital Asset (HDA)

This tool has been created with quickness and efficiency in mind, so that to facilitate the design process of any procedural stadium. It is a thorough digital asset that gives you full control over every decision as you plan, create, and optimize the structure, covering every composition aspect and offering total customization of the different elements of the model.

Natively compatible with Houdini and a variety of other software packages by means of Houdini Engine.


More project details here: 

Fantastic Beasts - Magical FX

As a big fan of wizarding world I have a pleasure to share my own version of this magical effect included in trailer of "The Secrets of Dumbledore". HIP file available.

Voxel tool - Houdini to UE

Voxel tool from Houdini to Unreal Engine with color transfer based on maps. 

Procedural rock


A very fast and simple way to create different rock formations with Houdini for environments or any other purpose. The file is available for download at the link below.

RBD workflows (Geometry and curves)

Basic setup of fractures based on curves and geometry. The file is available for download at the link below.